MUAY THAI WiFi is advantageous for Pocket WiFi in Thailand.
Rental pocket WiFi with Unlimited data usage

How it works

MUAY THAI Pocket WiFi rental service in Thailand with High speed internet access immediately!! Pick up & Return point available at Suvarnabhumi International Airport
4G signal coverage area expanded! It works more efficiently.


The 4 G area is expanding! The area that can be used at high speed in Thailand continues to increase!

High Speed

Because it corresponds to 4G · LTE communication, you can use the Internet comfortably!

low cost

A low price is realized though it is a large capacity! If you use it with two people, the per person's charge will be halved further!

Large capacity battery

With a large capacity battery you can use the internet for a long time on the go!

How to use

How to Use MUAY THAI WiFi
  • Order now !and pay by credit card

    (Payment by credits card are available)
  • Pick up the device in Thailandand just turn on the power

    If you put in advance of the procedure is any unnecessary !! power, and connect automatically to the internet.

Delivery and Returns as the place that customer requirements

Delivery and Return location

Delivery to Bangkok city

Our messenger deliver directly during 9:00-18:00.
Our delivery area is Here

Delivery to out of Bangkok City

We send by POST
If charge amount is 800 THB or more, a shipping fee is NOT be charged.
If charge amount is 800 THB or less, a shipping fee is be charged 60 THB.

Pick Up at Bangkok Samurai (Head Office)

If you prefer to pick up at our office, please visit at the following address.
73/7 Soi Ruamrudee Community, Lumphini, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330
Google map

Suvarnabhumi International Airport 4F

Customers can come to pick up and return the device at the address below. Suvarnabhumi Airport 4th floor, behind check-in counter L, Departure Hall Tel: +66 94-794-7722
(15:00-23:00 PM)
Airport booth map
Suvarnabhumi Airport SAMURAI WiFi
Register deadline
6 hours before delivery

※If you need us to deliver the device urgently, please contact TEL: 02-491-0000

Coverage area

MUAY THAI Pocket WiFi is available in Thailand with the large service signal.
For more information of available area, please check at the official home page of the communication company website:


Customer's voice

AI 12/15/2019

Very easy to rent and use just arrived there and turn the device ON! then you can use it immediately and is very convenient. also, you can connect multiple mobile phone and PC you want to use. Like reliable travel friends.

SK 12/15/2019

Receiving and returning the device is very easy. Even in Japan, it is convenient.

PP 12/14/2019

I have been using Samurai wifi every time traveling abroad for the past 5 years. Using Samurai wifi has never been disappointed me.

PD 1/24/2018

The correspondence of the staff was very prompt and polite. The radio waves are also strong and I love Samurai wifi.

MJ 1/24/2018

Thanks to Samurai's WiFi pocket WiFi, this trip became very convenient. Correspondence of messenger was also good. Thank you very much.

SS 1/24/2018

The correspondence of the call center was very good. Pocket WiFi for Japan could also be used without problem.

PK 1/24/2018

I love it. I think that it was good to choose Samurai WiFi. The use for 10 days was not problem at all. I contacted the support person in advance and I asked Them to respond immediately.Thank you.

PT 1/24/2018

Service is good, likes quality, means of applying is also easy.

BT 9/14/2016

When I was used at Pattaya.It works very well.
The screen shows the volume of applications suggests.
The touch screen is easy to use with the multilingual menu.
Battery is long-lasting. You also can use like a Power Bank.
Eliminating you don't need to carry multiple pieces.


Price list

Service Fee Rental Fee :150 Baht per day
*only 1-3 day(s) is 150.-/day,more then 4 day is 100.-/day
1 Month plan (with insurance) ⇒ 1,999 baht
1 Month plan (without insurance) ⇒ 1,499 baht
10 day plan (with insurance) ⇒ 1,299 baht
10 day plan (without insurance) ⇒ 899 baht
If you would like to rent more than 1 month please contact us.
Deposits => 1,000 Baht
(we'll refund deposits when you return the device and the device must be in perfect condition)
Special package Insurance’s package price is 50Baht per day

(The insurance’s package will cover from the chance of malfunction, damage, and drop, broke and submerged by 50%) (**The company is not responsible in case of customer can’t bring the pocket wifi back ; theft/lost or device not in good condition**)

Various fee list

Collect and return fees at the airport counter servicefree
Head office Silom, Chiang Mai branch collect and return feesfree
Extension feesFree (In case you would like to expand rental period. We will charge you with normal price (per day)until you return us the device)
Delivery service in Thailand for replacement in case you can not use the device free

Prices Rate:damage,loss,theft,water,wet and submerged

Pocket Wi-Fi
Without Insuarant package 5,000THB
Loss,stolen,wetness,damage 2,500THB
Other than loss,stolen, water wetness and damage 0THB
SIM card
Without Insuarant package 800THB
Loss,stolen,wetness,damage 400THB
Other than loss,stolen, water wetness and damage 0THB
AC adapter
Without Insuarant package 200THB
Loss,stolen,wetness,damage 100THB
Other than loss,stolen, water wetness and damage 0THB
USB cable
Without Insuarant package 200THB
Loss,stolen,wetness,damage 100THB
Other than loss,stolen, water wetness and damage 0THB
Pocket WiFi's Bag
Without Insuarant package 400THB
Loss,stolen,wetness,damage 200THB
Other than loss,stolen, water wetness and damage 0THB
SAMURAI Power bank
Without Insuarant package 2000THB
Loss,stolen,wetness,damage 1000THB
Other than loss,stolen, water wetness and damage 0THB

※1,000THB (Deposits)
※SAMURAI Power bank ... The power full of Power bank.
The Pocket WiFi can be used with Smartphone , tablet etc.


Bank transfer
For the corporate clients payment can be later, but for individual clients payment must be made before the service
Pay by Credit Cards
Credit cards can be used is JCB Card, VISA Card, MASTER Card, UnionPay

Please transfer the money to the following account.
After transferred, please send bill by Fax or E-mail for confirmation.
We apologize for any inconvenience, we recommend to pay by cash or credit card when we delivery the pocket WiFi.

A/C Name:Bangkok Samurai Co., Ltd.
Bank: Kasikon Bank
Branch: Silom Soi 1 branch
(Zuellig House Building)
A/C: 784-2-20221-8

Others feature

After support

365 days!!

If encounter any problem for the device. No matter where you are in Thailand. You can contact to support center for 365 days!!


Insurance package (50THB/Day)
If an intentional customer such as separation or try to break our product.
The insurance will be avoided.